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Big Stud Podcast

Feb 10, 2021

Episode 71- Moving Forward 

This week Mike shares some exciting changes for the podcast. 

Big Stud Sales podcast is going to be changing—going forward the new name is Big Stud Podcast, and Mike and Ryan will be creating some longer format podcasts on YouTube.

To get more out of the podcast they’re going to move towards an interview format with expert guests to bring more value to their audience. If there’s someone you’d like them to have on and hear from, reach out!

To help them grow, please comment, share, tag Mike and @ryanwebbermarketing, and leave a review.

One of Mike’s goals is to help people manufacturer a lifestyle that lives up to everything they want to be, so the future of the podcast will focus on bringing knowledge and information that will help with that. 

They’re going to be talking about all kinds of topics that relate to professional development. Mike hopes to bring outstanding information to you, and help people reach the next level in their life.


Stay tuned, stay plugged in, and get excited about the next chapter in the Big Stud ecosystem.