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Big Stud Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

BSP Ep. 80- AT ALL COSTS w/Green Beret Zach Hughes

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This episode's guest is the most extreme story of the mindset of AT ALL COSTS. Green Beret Zach Hughes is a special forces operator and runs a nonprofit to help that industry. He's the co-founder of Operators Association @operations_assoc, and co-host of @mentors4mil

Zach shares how the inspiration to join the military came from Zach's grandfather, a WWII Veteran. His grandfather always shared his stories in a positive light, and the brotherhood that forms. 

Zach decided to become a Green Beret, and the mentality "WIN AT ALL COSTS" helped him achieve what he set out to. He ended up being the class valedictorian and credits his grandfather for instilling that desire for excellence. 

Mike and Zach discuss facing "Imposter Syndrome" and how it's an ongoing battle you'll run into during different phases of life. 

Zach emphasizes when he begins to feel that anxiety, it's time to "work harder". 

Zach shares his story of when he was forced to "start over", and how he maintained his positive "Win at all costs" mindset following the after-effects of an RPG injury in Afghanistan. Due to the injuries, he could no longer be a Green Beret and medically retired. 

He became involved in a non-profit to assist members of the special forces that's had a very positive impact on him and those around him. 

Check out the full episode to hear more! 

Follow Zach on social media: @zachhughes1