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Big Stud Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 37 – Facebook Groups

The last several months, FB has spent millions of dollars advertising Groups.

Mike and Ryan chat this week about why Groups are great as it is a more targeted, filtered, and catered audience.

Do you have FB business page? Ryan first starts off by explain how they only show posts to about 1% of eyeballs organically. If you post it in a group you have a 10-15% increase, organically of people who will see it.

Mike chats about how the benefits of being in a group, a part of a group or admin of a group all funnels into being known, liked and trusted. The community of similarities helps your engagement and shows your value. Post helpful comments, or educational links to help you showcase your opinions and knowledge. Please do not go into a group and sell yourself or your company offer. Use it as an ever-growing referral network. It does not necessarily have to be about your profession. Use it for your hobbies and interests. From there, people can relate to you, get to know you, ultimately trust and like you. The next time they or someone they know needs your professional services, they are more likely to use or refer you.

Bottom line if you’re uncertain about creating and putting money behind a FB business page. Starting your own or being a part of a FB Group is the next best thing.

Tune in to learn more! 

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