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Big Stud Podcast

Aug 6, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 44 – Celebrate the Wins!

Chaotic and busy schedules have this week’s podcast happening via Zoom! Thank god for technology!

This week we are talking about how important is to celebrate the wins. Both personally and professionally and more importantly, sharing it! If you own a business, no one is there to throw a party or celebrate yourself. People in general do not like to talk about themselves, and certainly do not want to come across as arrogant or boastful on social media.

Ryan agrees that he does not share too many wins, as he always feels like he’s in a growth mindset. He hits a milestone and then gets right back at it. Mentally he doesn’t need the feedback, or the opinions of others. He has a vision, but if it’s not growing or scaling then he’s not winning. Is it a strength or weakness? Perhaps, but ultimately, it’s just a different mindset and personality!

Mike likes to dream big, set measurable checkpoints and celebrate a win big or small on the achievement. He expresses how he needs to see the scoreboard; he needs to see the progress and the wins to feel mentally sound. His daily structure is his livelihood, so he likes to take these little daily wins as they add up as it makes him feel accomplished and productive.

The guys also take some live Q &A from this podcast zoom call that premiered earlier in the Facebook group, Construction Selling.

Whether you celebrate daily, weekly, activity wins or noted checkpoints, achieve the goal and then go back to it. No need to become complacent, do not dwell and then get after it again.

Another topic is discussing or sharing client wins. If a client has a win, what happened, why did it happen and what were the results. Everyone likes to hear winning stories, so share that! It’s two-fold, it spotlights a happy customer but also serves as successful content for you to share as a business.

What does a win look like to you?

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