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Big Stud Podcast

Aug 26, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 47 – Ep. 47 - How to get to the next level in your business or career?

Mike and Ryan answer a great question from their audience this week that can apply to a broad range of people. How can you get over the plateau to advance your career path or business?

Ryan gets right into how he’s done things, pretty much his whole life. He asks for help. He polls others in order to collect information from them on they way they do things, what works, what doesn’t. He coaches others as well. He does this to help them but to also see how they operate as well.

Mike thinks it’s more of an intrinsic mindset that people struggle with that permits them from advancing. An imposter mindset that holds them back as if they are faking it until they make it. He doesn’t have a ‘fix all’ for it as he struggled with it as well. You must believe it in order to achieve it.

The other piece to this answer is that it takes time to level up. He uses the analogy of ju-jitsu where it just takes time to level up. 8-10 years it can take to get to a 3rd or 4th level if training consistently. It is no different in business. You need to learn all you can where you are, expect a plateau, put your time in. Sometimes if you are working for others as an employee this is more prevalent. Focus on the things you can control. Don’t be afraid to ask in order to grow. It may not be a financial raise, but perhaps more leadership, more projects, more initiative. Something that can excel your story and experience and change your trajectory or path.

Bottom line TAKE ACTION.

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