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Big Stud Podcast

Sep 23, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 51 – How effective is your content?

Coming off some client video shoots; Mike and Ryan sit down and discuss in general on what works and what is effective when creating a message? Regardless of product, service, or person, it must elicit an emotion within your audience in order to hold attention.

Is your content bland, monotone, or maybe quiet? Ryan shares that it’s definitely a learned skill or characteristic of someone. The skill of personifying and bringing out the personality of yourself or character is what is needed. He states the best or easiest clients that can do this, generally have some sort of speaking, or theatrical background from their past. The ability to present, with cadence and voice inflection among many other attributes, is what grabs and hold people’s attention.

Additionally, even if you believe in what you are saying, the ability for you to deliver that message and make me believe that message is ultimately what works!

Mike likes to use the act of roll-playing to help with practicing your video presence. Record it, listen to it, analyze it if you need to. However, as with many things, practice makes perfect, or at least more comfortable.

Bottom line –  Your audience wants to be EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to what you are offering if they are going to spend money with you.

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