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Big Stud Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 63 – Increase in popularity = Increase in haters

The boys are back this week talking about how some “Haterade” has been coming both of their ways recently. The more that people know you, the more people may not like you and that’s okay.

Ryan and Mike both take turns sharing examples of how an uptick in social presence, growth and popularity can also bring the people who just want to go against the grain of what you say. The more that people know you, the more people may not like you and that’s okay. As Mike says, if you’re going to be for everybody, you’re not going to be for anybody. So, niching down will come with some effects of people that don’t agree with you.

Ryan shares his experience of having a Canon R5 camera that he’s used forever until recently. He purchased and switched over to a Sony camera and then made a 3-minute video on why it works better for himself and business. Sounds harmless right? However, tech heads beware as this video has over 900+ views as the controversy, engagement and comments have been made over which camera is better. To Ryan’s point, he does not care but simply is enjoying how the algorithm is picking this up and putting him higher on the viewing charts.

Mike shares his story about a single individual who received an accidental (non-soliciting) email, triggered a flow of hate and bad reviews by this person onto Mike’s business. Ultimately in the end, after Mike provided facts of how the accident occurred, the individual agreed to take his review down, which could have had a negative impact on future/potential clients. In business if you take the emotion out of it and stick to the facts, it’s the best way to navigate a sticky situation.

They close it up both agreeing that the recovery paradox, time, effort and energy into haters ultimately is not worth your brain power. Engage to keep it professional and respectful but don’t dwell on a negative comment from one person willing to troll you from a single post/video.

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