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Big Stud Podcast

Dec 30, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 65 – SALES! SALES! SALES!

This week the guys tackle one of the biggest questions involved in the sales process. How can I increase my closing ratio or win rate?

Mike starts off with how he handles this within his coaching and own experiences. He needs to know the why behind the problem a client is trying to solve. If there is no real problem you can solve, then there will be no sale, or it will be damn hard to get one without a million objections.

Many things can be overlooked, such as price or lead time, if your client feels that you really understand what you are trying to accomplish. Mike adds that you can literally tailor all conversations around that problem, such as cost and scope of work. Then, refer back to how it relates to the client’s problems, using their own words.

Ryan adds that within his marketing business, his main goal is to solve a lot of mini problems quickly, which will lead or funnel them into using you to solve a much larger problem a client faces.

Bottom line is qualifying better by asking a series of questions to get to the route of why they want, what they want. Once identified and understood, there will be more of a known, like and trust factor which will lead to a higher close rate, more money and more fun.

A lot of great tips and knowledge bombs on this one – please share!


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