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Big Stud Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Big Stud Podcast- Ep 76

Built to Build w/Shawn VanDyke

This episode, Mike has guest Shawn VanDyke on the show. Shawn wrote a book called ‘Profit First For Contractors’. It changes the approach around the system of managing your money.

99% of businesses are genetically the same—you have to sell a product, and make a profit. 

Shawn discusses how he learned the formula of becoming profitable as a business. He went on to obtain and receive his certification so he could be a Private First Professional, and help teach others. 

Shawn talks through the process of writing a book, and everything that goes into making it come together. 

Mike and Shawn then go into detail about all the ins and outs of how businesses can struggle with managing their pricing, hiring process, etc. 

The key to running a successful business is: Have a formula and framework. 

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