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Big Stud Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

BSP Ep. 81 - Make Good Choices w/ Marc Zalmanoff

This week's guest is Marc Zalmanoff, aka @TheFitnessNinja, of Marc Z Fitness! This is not your normal, diet and exercise podcast episode. After 19+ years in the business, Marc and Mike chat not only about how health is wealth, but about how Marc set himself apart from the noise, with a business mentality, despite being a personal trainer.


They discuss how the phrase, 'How you do anything is how you do everything,' is so true especially when it comes to managing your health while trying to be a successful business owner, husband, father, friend or just plain human. It can give you consistency, happiness and control as you can make healthy habits and choices on what you do to your body and how you treat it.





Want more from Marc? You can find him at:
Buy his book: "MAKE GOOD CHOICES" comes out April 23rd, which you can find on Amazon and