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Big Stud Podcast

Apr 28, 2021

Big Stud Podcast Ep. 82 - How to add more value w/ Jason Graybeal


This week’s show hosts guest Jason Graybeal of Graybeal Group Inc, an insurance agency out of Washington state. Mike and Jason start off by sharing Jason’s background and how he differentiates himself from a very competitive insurance market. His main goal is to add the most value possible, not only to his clients but to the staff that works for him, so that everyone wins and is happy.


His 18+ year journey within the insurance industry was not short of failures and trials and tribulations. Jason outlines how most agencies will try and get your business just on price and coverage, which he says he can beat anytime, but is looking to add more for his clients.


When in doubt, ASK your employees or your potential clients what they are looking for. Trying to guess on what they want in a company culture or business could be impossible, and assumptions won’t go far, so ask.


Internally, Jason elaborates on how to find and keep good people at your company. It starts with establishing what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what could get you to the next level with the right personnel. He’s sourced competitors, asked what it would take for key salespeople or personnel to come on board, to a rewarding environment.


They both agree that reach for the fulfillment and freedom and impact, trying to be the best version of yourself. The money will pay back and reward those that are putting in the work!


You can find Jason on IG:


@nobullbusinessandbrews (podcast page)