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Big Stud Podcast

Jul 30, 2021

It's #FollowUpFriday! I'm rerunning a great episode from my buddy, Drewbie Wilson! He's all about the follow-up. Call your leads today! Get some deals closed! 

Today's guest is a sales aficionado and best-selling author. Vice President of Sales at Break Free Academy, Drewbie Wilson. 

Drewbie has built a CRM (customer relationship management tool) from scratch, and his book "Crushing The Day" goes over amazing tips on sales and success. 

Drewbie goes over his sales tactics, and his huge focus on follow-up. He's created a lead process and identification for each stage in the process. 

He helps people make the right decisions for where they want to be. 

Drewbie also has spent a lot of time building out automation to ensure he's continuously engaging with his clients and leads. 

He emphasizes the importance of implementing a system that gives you visibility to what's going on in your business, and the ability to track results. 

Check out the full episode now! 

Follow Drewbie on social media: @drewbierides