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Big Stud Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Big Stud Podcast Ep. 78- GO TO WAR with Jon Paramore *EXPLICIT*

Today Mike and Jon discuss their coaching initiative. They've had multiple people go through their 90-day "SMASH Pod" successfully. 

"When you're willing to sit down and commit everything you have to make yourself's incredibly impactful."


Mar 24, 2021

Big Stud Podcast- Ep 77 Recruiting Better Employees through social media with Levi Torres of High Five Plumbing

Struggling with recruiting high-level employees in your trade company?—this is the episode to check out!

Our guest on today's episode takes a totally different approach to social media—he focuses on...

Mar 17, 2021

Big Stud Podcast- Ep 76

Built to Build w/Shawn VanDyke

This episode, Mike has guest Shawn VanDyke on the show. Shawn wrote a book called ‘Profit First For Contractors’. It changes the approach around the system of managing your money.

99% of businesses are genetically the same—you have to sell a product, and make...