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Big Stud Podcast

Mar 24, 2021

Big Stud Podcast- Ep 77 Recruiting Better Employees through social media with Levi Torres of High Five Plumbing

Struggling with recruiting high-level employees in your trade company?—this is the episode to check out!

Our guest on today's episode takes a totally different approach to social media—he focuses on culture, and the internal process, so that he can hire the best people. 

Levi Torres of High Five Plumbing—he’s the go-to about highlighting your culture 

He started High Five Plumbing in 2012 in Denver, CO. He saw an opportunity to do things better, and that’s where things began. 

In 2016 they moved to full-time residential plumbing service. Levi says it’s been a rollercoaster ride; he wanted to do things differently., and they now have 20+ employees. 

They showed they were different by learning that recognition is huge in the workplace, so they implemented that in the values of their company. 

Mike adds that most employees will tell you that they will leave a job for better enjoyment and fulfillment, rather than just a higher pay. 

Taking the approach of “Happy Employees, Happy Customers” will increase the longevity of your business. 

Levi takes a very specific and unique approach to social media. They took the reality TV approach, by making people relate to their content. It’s essentially a “life at working at High Five”, and it aids in attracting not only employees but customers as well. He has built out a very consistent social media presence. 

He has built into the script of their social media customers engaging. He also trains his employees on how to ask customers to take a picture to show sure they’re satisfied with their service. 

The most important thing in the mind of customers you would think is price, but Levi believes it’s convenient. 

Having an internal marketing team helps keep their content consistent on social media. 

Levi is very consistent with the structure of his business. He does 1 hour of training with his team EVERY WEEK, multiple times a week. He provides full health insurance and other fantastic benefits to his employees from the get-go. 

Check out the full episode!

Also check out High5Colorado shop: anything you buy this month will go towards the Non-Profit Levi is supporting. 

Follow Levi on social media: @High5Plumbing