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Big Stud Podcast

Apr 9, 2020

Ep.27: How to Communicate Internally


If you’re not having consistent meetings with your staff things will not run as effectively and smoothly as possible. It’s not a time SUCK it’s a time SAVER.

In general, what should be addressed under normal circumstances:


  • Weekly production meeting regardless of business type
    • What happened, didn’t happen and what’s coming up?
    • Tell your staff what’s going on before they come up with their own story
    • Self-accountability, rewards, callouts,
    • Proactively solving problems that arise
    • Have an agenda
  • Daily 15-20min calls with key personnel to go over jobs of the day (Owner, head of sales, head of production)
    • Sales can communicate to clients
    • Production team knows current status


Ryan also shares his experience in running an effective meeting with sharing and mirroring a few tips:

  • If daily keep it short with pertinent information
  • Keep them somewhat fun or entertaining. Show appreciation or recognition.
  • Be consistent as possible with time, date and place so people know what to expect.


They both agree that as a leader, you are the one to establish the climate and consistency of the meeting for the staff to follow expectations. Don’t be afraid to start somewhere, learn and adapt as you go. Don’t let a cancerous employee leak into the culture as a result of meetings they do not want to attend. A difficult conversation with that employee may need to happen.


As a sales leader Mike goes a bit further into how he additionally likes to have a sales meeting in order to have a grasp on the company’s pipeline. 30-45 minutes of skill development for each salesperson is needed. Review their activity, accountability, job by job status in order to address the sales and essentially guide the ship.


Do you have a set internal process of internal communication?


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