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Big Stud Podcast

May 7, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 31 – Biggest BUSINESS takeaways from 2019

Mike and Ryan chat about their biggest lessons learned in each of their businesses on today’s show.

Mike’s biggest takeaway has been learning about the amount of FREE or minimal cost technology that you can use to help grow your brand. The Leadpages, the MailChimps, the applications, software and platforms that are available for you to use to help create and scale a brand.

Ryan, in his digital marketing business, has been the discovery of how so many of his clients or people in general are lacking in knowledge of the digital marketing space. Very successful, educated people within their own business with just a lack of marketing knowledge in general.

What is easy for you, may be difficult or non-existent for others.

They discuss how simple it can be for someone to implement if they just get started. Yes, it is overwhelming with choices but imperative for them to see the value on working ON their business. Utilization of these tools to help you stay out there, relevant and get that ‘touch’ in order to create a snowball effect into your pipeline.

Get educated on these tools, stay consistent, target well, get efficient, automate and up to date. Use technology, have some patience, and your business will grow.

Tune in to learn more!

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