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Big Stud Podcast

May 14, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 32 – 5 Things every contractor should be doing for in home sales meetings

Sales Tactics!

Mike and Ryan jump right in to discussing how the actual sales call should go. The marketing has been done and the appointment has been made, now it is time to get to business. Firsthand, make sure you take control. You need to be the one controlling the tempo in order to get to the business at hand.

1st off – Break the ice! Give a compliment and ask a question to your client. Let them talk about something they are passionate about for a short period of time. Ryan takes a different approach of just asking his prospects about their business to get them talking.

2nd – What problem are you looking to solve by hiring me? Mike allows them to speak as long as they want as along as its relevant. Ryan asks a similar question around what ‘success’ looks like to his prospects as to what they are trying to get out of this.

3rd – Dictate and set the agenda. Go over the scope, timeline and what the next steps would look like on the project. Review the questions, build the rapport, make suggestions and get them to open the dialogue in order to leave no stone unturned. Ryan’s take at this point is to be the expert in guiding prospects to how he can help them or not help, based on what they are looking for.

4th – Ryan goes with the permission-based sale, asking how it sounds to the prospect. Provides them the pricing and options he can provide. Mike states how he likes to review the scope of the project. After sitting down and reviewing their priorities, he will ask them if I do X, within Y timeframe under THIS budget number, are you prepared to move forward with me? This is important as it dictates his next steps.

5th – Lastly if it is a go or assumption then Ryan get’s them scheduled as part of the next step for him to shoot video or other service he prepares. Mike will set his next steps for time of proposal and anticipated next conversations.

Increase the success of your business! Give yourself a fighting chance, do not waste your or your prospects time. Implement these steps, structure your calls, WIN FAST AND WIN OFTEN!

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