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Big Stud Podcast

May 21, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 33 – How I got to where I am today – Mike’s story

Today’s episode reveals the story of who Ryan and Mike are behind the microphone.

Ryan and Mike originally met through the local CrossFit community. Both competitive athletes in that fitness scene is what originally made them aware of each other. Post athletic time the courtship continued via social media.

Ryan admired how Mike was starting his business and trying to implement video into his brand. At the time, Ryan was also dabbling in his video marketing passion. Ryan had sold his CrossFit gym, and was working for a law firm doing digital media for them. He reached out to Mike and they were both eager to share talents, collaborate, create content, and start their journey.

Mike, a host of Remodeling the Carolina’s, was sponsored and run by Nari Charlotte as an interview only format podcast. He wanted to branch out on his own, under his brand discussing his coaching and business topics. Ryan was a natural fit to join him on the creation and launch of Big Stud Sales Podcast!

Backing up even further, Mike chats about his teenage to early twenties and the struggles that consumed him. As a former 3 sport athlete that was injured before his senior year, he turned to partying that year and into his collegiate years. Ultimately being dismissed from school academics and sent home was a defining moment on when he truly turned the corner into adulthood.

Mike’s early career revolved around working his way up for Verizon Wireless. He learned his trials and tribulations on how to have relationships with people, corporations, and sales environments both big and small. He grew both personally and professionally during this time, ultimately helping to mold who he is today. The road he has walked to get to where he is today has not been an easy one, but he would not be the person he is today without it.

What is your story? Do you have an impactful one that could benefit from being a guest on our show?

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