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Big Stud Podcast

May 28, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 34 –– How can failure set us up for future success? - Ryan’s story

Last week we got into Mike’s background as he shared his story as well as how these two met. This week, the show is focused in more on Ryan and his background.

They both balance each other well as Mike wears his emotions on his sleeve sometimes all the feels. Whereas Ryan, exudes his passion through creative expression within his content creation.

Ryan does a great job of blending that coach/athlete persona along with becoming a creative marketing professional and relating it to people. Work ethic and intelligence is how he credits his success on and off the field.

Through discipline and some lessons learned in his high school football playing days, he learned to take control of the things he could in his athletic endeavors. Physically blooming upon after graduation, he quickly learned that his size and talents outgrew the Division 3 program where he was. Determined to get to Wingate, the division 2 school of choice, he worked like a champ to earn his starting spot as a tight end with scholarship in his pocket upon graduation. Graduating with a 3.65 in academics, no alcohol or partying, locked in with the hopes and dreams of a professional football career. Not quite making the cut, reality closed in as he transitioned from playing athletics into a short stint in teaching. Not quite what he had in mind he pivoted into more of a professional endeavor of working in a business environment at a fitness company. This ultimately led him to purchasing the CrossFit gym that he ran for 4-5 years prior to selling.

Ryan’s ability to grow his gym business as a small business owner ultimately help set him up for his next venture of professional marketing. Utilizing the tools, he learned, he narrowed it into his enthusiasm of video content creation.

Ryan’s story is about how he pivoted into his passion to create success that he defines…

Tune in to learn more! 

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