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Big Stud Podcast

Jul 2, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 39 –Niching down your offering

Ryan and Mike share their approaches to how to niche their offerings to screen projects that you really want to dress the part for.

They discuss how it’s a misappropriation of efforts for business owners who say they “Do it All.” It is destroying your known, like and trust factor, your earning potential and marketability.

Afraid to miss an opportunity? Change your mindset, stop thinking about the misses and more about the potential wins!

You cannot connect with anyone if you are doing punch list items north of the city to keep the payroll going all while really wanting the big kitchen renovation in south Charlotte.

Give yourself an exercise on analyzing your business: Who is your best client? What are the worst jobs or clients you have had? What are the commonalities? What makes you the most amount of money or the lowest amount of profit? What brings you the most or least joy? See if there is some consistency either way, so you can start to filter out the good and the bad and head into a certain direction.

Still afraid to say “No” to a job?

If you can focus on a “few” things than you become more desirable and can be labeled a self-proclaimed expert. Yes, it may be the same or similar day in and day out, however, find the silver lining. You become more efficient across the board. Being systematic could make your turn around projects faster which would maximize dollars and decrease time. Precious time that could be reallocated to marketing, educating or your next move to level up your business.

From a marketing effort, it simplifies the content you spit out, your messaging is more targeted. You would no longer have to do everything to everyone, which can be awfully expensive. It all plays a role in your bottom line and referrals both B2C and B2B.

Tune in to learn more! 

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