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Big Stud Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 40 – Just call me back!

Buckle up! This week’s episode Mike expresses his aggravation with contractors who do not do the simplest task of calling people back!

He knows personally and recently of people, many people, who are doing quality projects $20-150K+, where clients have called contractors either before, during or after a prospecting process and they just do not get communicated back to.

Regardless if you are 6 weeks or 6 months out, your business and its reputation and pipeline will suffer from not doing the basic and easiest task of returning a phone call.

Ryan shares his personal experience of how he has a non-immediate project of $150K he wants work on. Out of the five quality referrals, only 2 called him back and 1 already rescheduled. It is understood that contractors are remarkably busy right now, given the “stay at home” period. However, why is it that no phone call is ever returned? You being busy in not an excuse. Even if just to say “Sorry we are swamped, if you are still interested and we can help you in 6 months we will.”

People need to be communicated with, do not assume that they will not wait for you. You need to think about the trickle effect of returning or not returning a call. Especially from a referral partner and word of mouth outcome. It is ok to say no and be transparent if that is the case.

There is business out there in the remodeling, home service provider, contracting world. Yes, confidence, hard work and grit are needed, but also the basics will get you EXTREMELY far in today’s industry. The simplest businessman or woman who can successfully communicate, good, bad, or indifferent for 30 min a day to prospects, will already have a leg up on their competition.

Do not get caught being just a worker for your own company with no one to report to. Simple growth is possible, but you need to stop being lazy.

You own a business, act like it!

Tune in to hear Mike get heated! 

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