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Big Stud Podcast

Jul 23, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 42 – Meet the team at WinRate Consulting!

This week Ryan is entertaining, and Mike is introducing his staff at WinRate Consulting.

This week and next week we will be discussing how it’s a great time period to build your pipeline of employees and tweak your onboarding processes. There is a pool of highly qualified, talented, and loyal workforce out there right now due to COVID-19 shutdowns, family or location transitions, lifestyle changes or other reasons. You may have to think outside the box to get to them, but they are out there!

On this show we get to meet Lindsey, his operations manager and Nik, his business development manager. We have heard Mike say before, when your day to day and weekly admin tasks become overwhelming and inefficient for yourself to work on the business, it’s time to scale, hire and offload those tasks. This is where me meet Lindsey, who has experience in small business, business ownership (B2C) and back end operations of leading a distributor network (B2B) in the bedding and furniture industry. If you listen to the show, you’ll know who’s typing this!

Next up is Nik, from Traverse City, MI and Mike’s newest Business Development Manager. Nik will be pounding the pavement, searching for contractors and businesses that could benefit from hiring a coaching service that WinRate can provide. Nik also comes from extensive experience in the small to mid-size business within the asphalt and paving world.

The ability to align your staff with a similar background, experience and who can identify with your clients is one of the first things Mike looked for when needing to scale his personnel. We can’t wait to introduce to find out more from them, so tune in now!

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