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Big Stud Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 43 – Onboarding Process

On this week’s episode Mike and Ryan along with guests Lindsey and Nik, chat about onboarding protocols. Everyone does it different, but there needs to be some sort of systems, processes, and documentation around hiring a new team member.

Ryan admits his faults and things he needs to work on regarding being a boss. The way in which he works, he likes to hire somewhat fresh personnel that will work hard to learn and fail along the way. Compared to hiring someone with a lot of experience but stuck in their ways of their own systems. It is a challenge for any busy business owner such as Ryan, to pause on things that make money for the business to train a new employee. He acknowledges its not the best move if he wants to move the needle up, but it is the nature in which he currently operates.

Mike, opposite of how Ryan hires, likes to explain the mission, vision, and core values of the company first as part of his onboarding process. Nik speaks about the structure and layout plan that he has with Mike as starting as a business development manager. Additionally, Mike approaches tasks for employees with having a mission of a specific goal of the activity but gives the staff member leeway on how you get to that goal. It is important to provide a lane for them top operate within.

They all agree that proper expectations and standards are a necessary given. You cannot hold people accountable later down the line if they did not have the expectations to begin with.

How you manage people, toxic work culture, business leadership decisions and more on this week’s episode – check it out!!!

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