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Big Stud Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 57 –  Most impactful sports memory of Mike & Ryan

The guys are taking their own advice on transparency and this week we learn a bit more on Ryan and Mike’s background. They are talking about how sports in their youth, played such a major role in how they operate today, especially within their mindset and generally with how it shaped them as people today.

For Ryan – he starts off sharing his favorite sports memory was from his Division 2 school football game on national TV. Which included a spotlight showcase on him, tv timeouts, cameras and the like. The overall experience was memorable for him, despite breaking his collar bone the first play of the game. He has many profound memories around football but this was a highlight.

For Mike – one of the bigger memories was from his first touchdowns as a freshman fullback running 65 yards on a trap play all the way into the endzone after a solid stiff-arm. He follows up with one of the most devastating memories from his main sport of baseball. Playing pick up basketball with friends the night before a big baseball game, he tore his ACL in his knee. At that point it was devastating. Sports, school and family is what many high school students’ entire world looks like. To Mike, at the time, it hit hard with difficult life lessons to learn.

They both go back and forth about who was natural at what and who had to work harder at certain things given their different heights and weights. All in all, they were eager to share some more insight into their pasts in an effort to get to know them a bit more. Next week, back to your regular programming!.....

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