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Big Stud Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 59 – Should you do a Black Friday offer?

After the guys discuss some new and entertaining reviews, they get down to business on the discussion of Black Friday offers and more holiday fun.

Also, if you want to follow along on Ryan’s remodeling journey, subscribe to his YouTube channel (Ryan Webber) . He’s sharing his experience of dealing with inspections, contractors and remodelers that are working on his new home he purchased across the street from his old house!

Should you do a Black Friday offer? Especially if you’re a needed contractor? Meaning, a plumber, electrician or a fix it guy/gal. Generally, people don’t want to deal with someone they didn’t want in your home in the first place. Mike says, if you fall into the non-elective service contractor, you should pass on a Black Friday offer and spend it on something like past client appreciation instead.

Ryan states he doesn’t like the whirlwind of holiday offers. He’s more on the side of doing more charitable work, giving back or something of service. He thinks documenting and sharing the good you are doing within your community.

Especially this year, it’s been a rollercoaster of the year for many reasons for many people. A few hundred dollars in savings to a consumer, may just not be worth it overall. The marketing around ‘doing good’ for this year especially, will go further for you in the long term.

Mike shares his current experience of having a mission this holiday season to give away 100+ new shoes to children in need. However, in typical fashion, he decided to just level up and start a non-profit called A CHAMPIONS SHOE’S to spearhead this operation for years to come.

Regardless of your decision or necessity to run a ‘special offer’ this season, we both ask this of you. To GIVE back in some way. If it’s not finances related, find a way to bring value. In terms of knowledge, experience, service, information or other. Do it for others, for yourself and the rewards will come.

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