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Big Stud Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 61 – How to set & reverse engineer your goals

Last week we started chatting about how to begin the analyzation of your business as we close out this year and head into 2021.

This week Ryan and Mike differ speak about how they approach this topic and measurement tools in which they use to when looking at success and failures.

Mike looks more at activities and processes of goals towards behaviors whereas Ryan looks more at numbers, profit and loss statements and constantly tweaks it in order to attain his goals.

Mike starts by explaining his rationale behind leaving the results alone but looking closer at how he got there. He walks you through an activity on how to reverse engineer an example goal. It will involve you knowing your numbers such as close ratios, cost per lead and other important data from your business. He goes further into explaining how you can adjust what you need to be doing daily to see if you’re on track.

Ryan shares how he analyzes his systems and processes and numbers on the very short term. His logic is to question daily, weekly, and monthly if he’s getting better? If he’s on the incline and pointing the needle forward on a short-term basis, then long-term he’ll know he’s doing well. Ryan asks himself constantly if he got better in some area of his business, monetarily, systematically or efficiently in order to keep improving.

A great and common question to ask of yourself and your business is whether or not you can afford to hire someone. If so, when is a good time? Mike rattles down his breakdown on reverse engineering an example of this on timing and if you are truly ready to expand.

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