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Big Stud Podcast

Mar 12, 2020

Episode 23:

People will BUY from those they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. Tune in for part 1 of a 3 part series.

This week's podcast, Mike and Ryan chat about how your audience gets to know you. Digital marketing is Ryan's forte as he discusses all things around brand awareness. Getting as many eyeballs on your face or brand equates to the being known factor which equates to sales. They preach on consistency with putting yourself out there, comfortable or not.

The ability to be authentic, unique and vulnerable will resonate with your viewers as they begin to feel comfortable with you and who you are. It's not all preaching, both Mike and Ryan share examples of this topic working in action the past few weeks with clients and community. Strategize well, as your content needs to match the quality of work you are representing. A handyman vs a million dollar corporation will distinctly different messaging and looks. 

An equally important attribute to being known, comes from being present, outside of the digital world. Mike shares his expertise in tactical networking. He speaks about his experience on being engaged and providing value to a networking group can be an immediate boost in being KNOWN.

Additionally, it should be assumed, but it's not. Make sure yourself or your brand is out there when you leave your house, via vehicle wrap, promo gear or good will. High fives, cookie stories and more....EPISODE 23 - OUT NOW!!!


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