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Big Stud Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

Mike Claudio is a seasoned sales and business development professional with 15+ years of sales and sales leadership experience. He has helped several construction companies grow from a leadership position and decided to turn that into a career as a sales consultant and coach for professionals in the construction industry via starting WinRate Consulting in early 2018. So far Mike has worked with over 25 companies and helped several grow by 7-figures in process.
Mike is driven by helping business owners and sales professionals reach their potential by teaching his best practices created through on the job training with sales and leadership roles in several types of industries and business types along the way. He is a published author, a professional speaker, multiple business owner, Father, and Husband.
Ryan Webber is a marketing coach that focusses on helping small business owners get their message in front of the right person at the right time. A serial entrepreneur, Ryan has owned an online e-commerce business, fitness facility, and now his marketing agency 9forty4 Media and Marketing.
Ryan has experience working with many different professional services from medium-sized law firms, to growing realtors. Ryan’s unique approach to marketing teaches you how to build trust and awareness with your potential clients before they have ever met you in person. Ryan’s methods have clients knocking at your door begging to give you money, rather than using shady bait-and-switch techniques seen across the industry.
Mike and Ryan first connected through CrossFit and as two big studs, they immediately found a common bond. As both of them moved into the coaching and consulting world, they stayed in touch, always bouncing ideas off one another to remain knowledgeable and forward-thinking when it comes to sales and marketing. The stories and first-hand experience is something all business owners can relate to and can help you also become a big stud at sales and marketing.
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