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Big Stud Podcast

Oct 13, 2021

Glenn Lundy is the only person in the world that grew a dealership 800% in 5 years, from 120 cars a month to a 1,000, in a small town of only 9,600 people. His show on Clubhouse, Breakfast With Champions, and his Facebook live show called #RiseAndGrind, have created spaces where he can make true impact on the lives...

Oct 6, 2021

Scott Simons is joining the show today. He owns CMA's Valley Dealerships. Scott Simons joined the CMA team in 2010. He came to Valley with years of dealership experience and was looking for an opportunity to have ownership in a company. Within a short time, he was also honored with a "40 Under 40" award and went from GM...

Sep 29, 2021

Dan Wies is a quiet genius, a machine, a man who can build success. His lessons over the year will have an impact on how you run your business. Dan is a 3rd generation drywaller. Wies Drywall has over 100 employees. His attention to detail has made all the difference. 

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