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Big Stud Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

Claudio Gambin is passionate about his dreams and does not give up until he achieves them. He has built a highly successful financial group - Gambin Financial - and recently succeeded in retiring his parents. In this podcast, Claudio shares his wins, losses, and everything in between. 
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Dec 22, 2021

Andrew Hernandez does not limit himself to one industry and one business. He takes on multiple ventures across all industries. He has a fearless attitude and a tenacious spirit that is contagious. Andrew's self-made career as a roofer and now club owner is an inspiration to many.

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Dec 15, 2021

STUDETTE ALERT! Amiee Ball had it all yet, still fell into the bin of uncertainty when it came to her career and passion. She decided to take her years of experience, lessons, and all her business knowledge and turn it into a thriving business of her own that helps other business owners level up!

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