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Big Stud Podcast

Apr 23, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 29 - Special offers that work!

“Buy Now! - 50%OFF – Purchase it! – Download it! “- Ads and CTA (Call to Actions)

Get out some pen and paper on this one! Ryan and I chat about the next step of a potential client’s journey of the pipeline you have created to acquire them. Who are you trying to reach? What does success look like of your offer? Is it a purchase or a simple form that is filled out? Once you identify this, it is all about trying to pull a trigger on their emotion in order to elicit a response from them.

The CTA on the offer is not always to make a sale but to move them step by step into your funnel. Ryan discusses how the purpose of many ads is strictly to gather some data from them. The knowledge bomb discussed on this step is referred to as an ethical bribe.

So, what is the actual offer you give? Is it unique enough from your daily deal? I discuss how scarcity and urgency ads to the value of your product better than a typical discount. This can be more of an appeal where consumers could feel and share the win.

We cap the episode on examples of offers besides the typically loud discount shout out. A ‘try before they buy’, offer of goodwill, a service or included freebie are great ideas to incorporate. There is always a value to be mentioned somewhere in your pipeline in order to get them to “buy-in.”

Get the win, it can pay dividends in terms of referrals well past the sale or project.

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