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Big Stud Podcast

Oct 21, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 55 –  The power of being vulnerable

Mike and Ryan chat about the power of being authentic, raw and vulnerable to your audience. People want to see progress; they want to see your struggles, and your wins, so it resonates within them.

They speak about how “stories” in Facebook and Instagram are doing so well, LinkedIn now has joined in on that feature. It’s a great place, since its gone in 24 hours, to tell your story, show people a uncut version of what’s currently going on.

Ryan adds come coaching tips on how to be authentic. What makes you not be a robot, what humanizes you? What’s opposite of your work? What are you into, what are your hobbies? You want a personal brand; people want to buy from people in order to trusted and liked and known. If you don’t have anything in your personal life you want to share, then document what you are doing. Someone will resonate with it!

Bottom line , put the real you on the Internet. Not what you think people want to see, because eventually shit will add up and you’ll be blasted for being a fraud. You can’t finagle the process to try and get more engagement. You be YOU!

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