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Big Stud Podcast

Sep 9, 2020

BSS Podcast Ep. 48 – Guest: Eric Rhew of Promo Logic

Are you one of those people who have phenomenal skill sets, but question everything in your head?

Our guest today is Eric Rhew of Promo Logic! He is a client of Mike’s at WinRate Consulting, but was shooting some additional videos with Ryan and wanted to share some thoughts of his experience on the Big Stud Sales podcast!

He has been in the industry of branded wearables (screen printing, embroidery, brand awareness) for corporate companies for over 10 years with a plateau of results for the last 3-5 years with delayed growth.

Wanting more than a self-help book or course to help him grow his business, he signed on with Mike and has grown exponentially this past year, both professionally and personally. He has come a long way, from not using social media at all to posting meaningful and purposeful content, video included, to help propel his business to a new level.

They all discuss about how the minute you get results you want, is the turning point for someone to decide to be ALL IN! It’s the moment of truth to realize to go full steam on what you are implementing when you see great results.

Eric shares how you don’t have to be perfect to start, the important step is to just get out there and you will improve, become more comfortable and actually have fun and let your personality shine through.

You can find Eric at, @eric.rhew on IG or Eric Rhew on Facebook if you want to check out his content or if you need wearable for yourself or company!


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